Actual Results Clients Have Received From Our Work

Imagine accomplishing your mission, with all the clients and income you want benefiting your business and your life. Imagine serving a more meaningful, effective leadership role with all of your clients, and with everyone else who matters most to you in the world.

Since 1983, we have mentored people like you to live and serve in this way. We work with experts, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to express their purpose in life successfully through their practice or business.

We do so by providing an unsurpassed synthesis of marketing, innovation and wisdom strategies, based on our mission and my lifelong quest. Our strategies create the results that our clients want, as you will see in the client letters below.

Some of our clients are very well-known. Most of our clients are still in the process of becoming leaders in their niche. Well-known clients often come to us because of our distinctive synthesis of strategies, which is as powerful as it is unique. Other clients come to us simply because they want to grow more quickly, and want a mentor whose vision and values are aligned with their own.

Click on each headline below to discover more about the results they received from our work. In some cases, two client letters are in one section:

 A Leading Expert and Author of Four Bestselling Books

He learns transforming strategies that result in a new, innovative New York Times # 1 bestselling book, as well as an international information business.

Thousands of Professionals, Experts, and Entrepreneurs

Thanks to the generosity of a prominent authority, they are taught how to develop innovative marketing plans that get significant, measurable results.

71 New Authors Get Special Recognition

They author more than 81 new books, information products and information programs, ranging in price from $3.95 to more than $4,500.00 each, by applying what they are learning during one of Mission’s mentoring programs.

56 Experts and Independent Professionals

They prove how easy it is to author books and information products, and create multiple streams of income, when you use the right system.

11 Independent Professionals

Their new books attract new clients and income quickly, while differentiating them from all others in their field, and establishing them as authorities. These results come from applying what they are learning during one of Mission’s mentoring programs.

A Holistic Health Professional

She gets mentoring that saves her two years of time, saves her tens of thousands of dollars, and turns her expertise into a new, multi-media product line to open up and help a huge marketplace of new clients.

A Couple Who Are Bestselling Authors, Experts, and Speakers

They learn how to leverage their wisdom into an information business with up to 39 new information products and programs…and up to 39 streams of income.

A Personal and Spiritual Growth Institute

They receive mentoring that dramatically increases new student leads and enrollments, and complete a process to create a new line of 11 information products and 11 additional streams of income.

A Small Publisher

They gets expert help to achieve their mission and win prominent commercial distribution, market 26 book titles worldwide, and develop a new line of 30 audio programs profitably. Also, in a second letter, a veteran specialty publisher gets a marketing process that achieves 135% of marketing goals.

A Visionary Entrepreneur

He completes a planning process and gets implementation that nets him millions per year for nine years in a row, establishing his prominence.

A Professional Service Firm

They receive a mentoring program that creates sales averaging ten times larger than ever before. Also, in a second letter, a small professional practice gets marketing strategies that increase revenues and break all records in the firm’s 19-year history.

An Alternative Energy Product Manufacturer

They get smart, innovative marketing that increases their dealer base from 62 to 150 dealers nationwide in just nine months and hits all revenue goals.

A Nutritional Manufacturer and Network Marketing Company

They take advantage of innovation and great marketing to increase the product line by 100%, train and re-motivate thousands of distributors, open international markets, and establish the company as a leader.

A Professional Service Firm

They are in a fiercely-competitive situation, but they get mentoring that eliminates all competition and results in all the business they can handle.

A Solar Design and Remodeling Expert

He receives hands-on marketing that increases the firm’s revenues by 1,000% in just three years, and turns the firm into a preeminent market leader. Also, in a second letter, two “green” design-build professionals get mentoring which results in all the leads and new business they want, hitting all goals with a sizeable increase in net profits.

A Creative Entrepreneur

He retires at age 45, thanks to innovation and marketing expertise that really pays off.

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