Two Free Publishing and Marketing Reports Show You How to Leverage Your Knowledge

Do you want to boost your credibility instantly and attract new clients automatically by authoring a book?

Or would you like to leverage your knowledge into as many as 79 information products to impact the world with your expertise and generate multiple streams of income?

To help you accomplish both, I am offering you two valuable, free gifts you can claim below.

First, in my 35 plus years of experience I discovered the single biggest mistake most authors make. It is not acquainting themselves with the three different strategies to author a book, and choosing the best option before beginning the authoring process.

3BigWaysI don’t want this to happen to you.
So I’m giving you a report called The Three Big Ways to Make Money with a Book.

It is a 60-minute teleseminar audio recording and transcript in which you will learn “insider strategies” to turn your expertise into books and information products in the most profitable ways.

Second, I want to give you a comprehensive chart illustrating 55 of the most time-tested, high-priced information products and programs today.

55TimeTestedImagine what it would look like if you turned your expertise into an information empire. That’s how leading professionals and entrepreneurs today get their wisdom out to the world profitably and purposefully. This simple, yet powerful tool will help you expand your understanding of all the possibilities available to you.

Combined, these reports will show you how you can best leverage your knowledge through a system of books and higher-priced information products and programs.

Use what you will learn by reading these reports to attract more clients, increase your income significantly, and take your practice or business to a whole new level of service and profitability.

These reports outline strategies and secrets my team and I have used with clients for more than 35 years to get the life-transforming and business-transforming results you have read about in the client letters throughout this Web site.

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