About John Robert Eggen

John Robert Eggen has helped thousands of innovative and socially-conscious experts, professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their missions successfully through his forward-thinking publishing and marketing programs for more than thirty-five years.

Through his companies, Mission Publishing and The Mission Marketing Mentors, John and his team help create significant, measurable results with those whose mission is twofold: to make a difference, and to make money doing it. Ten percent of his companies’ profits are donated to charitable causes that reflect the companies’ values.

John’s clients range from transformationally-oriented professionals, teachers and trainers, business owners and other leaders who are unfamiliar to those outside of their own specialized niches, and just starting their first book, to projects with world-renowned teachers and experts. They range from a number of spiritual teachers to experts including Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Ken Blanchard, Bob Proctor and the late Dr. Stephen Covey.

Mark Victor Hansen (America’s leading expert in human potential) says: “If you want significant results, John Eggen has my highest recommendation. Whether you are an expert, a professional or an entrepreneur, it’s innovation and ‘think-outside-the-box’ marketing that make all business happen. John knows how to make that kind of innovation and marketing happen.”

Financial guru and author of 5 New York Times bestsellers Robert G. Allen notes: “John has extensive experience developing books, audio programs and information products. But he offers clients much more. He deeply understands trends that are reshaping life today, creating demand for types of information his clients can profit hugely from providing. His recommendations could be worth millions to us. To everyone that is considering hiring him as an information publishing and marketing expert or speaker, John Eggen has my highest recommendation.”

John’s expertise also has become renowned within his own market. He has both written and been interviewed for articles in local, regional, national and international media, including features for leading industry publications like Publishers Weekly. He also has been a popular guest on radio and television shows across the United States and Canada, and frequently shares his expertise with audiences across the U.S., Canada and Europe through his featured speaking engagements.

John’s Web site, www.missionmarketingmentors.com, offers in depth discussions on his programs and services, from publishing to one-on-one mentoring, as well as insights into his background and expertise.

Before beginning the Mission companies, John built and sold a successful nationwide nutrition business. Subsequently, he joined a privately-owned investment banking firm. John earned his baccalaureate degree magna cum laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY, where he studied the 5,000-year history of Western Civilization. Struck by the role that innovations play in all human progress, he devoted his Master’s program at the same institution to the development and marketing of innovations. To further research and predict future trends, John engaged in Ph.D. work at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Sancta Sophia Seminary.

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