About Us: How Our Mission and Lifelong Quest Serves You

Why are we so concerned about your practice or business?

You deserve to know both the good news and the bad news that is affecting practices and businesses like yours everywhere.

The good news is about a large and growing movement.There is an increasing number of spiritually- and socially-conscious people who have a mission or calling they are striving to accomplish through their practice or business. We know because, for more than 35 years, most of our clients have been in that category.

People like you and me have what it takes to create innovative products and services that, if marketed effectively, can build a more enlightened, planetary civilization. This is not a pipedream. It is already happening.

And a new breed of consumer has arrived. They want to integrate their values with the products and services they buy and use, and that demand is revolutionizing the marketplace.

$540 billion in conscious products and services were purchased last year on a worldwide basis. Did you know that? And the marketplace is growing by double-digits each year, with no end in sight.

Segments like yoga and organic food have already gained mainstream acceptance. Just a few years ago, those segments of the marketplace were considered on the fringe. Think about that. Enterprising professionals and entrepreneurs in those segments that were equipped with the requisite business and marketing know-how were able to retire at a very young age (including clients of ours).

My Master’s degree program specialized in this area, so my clients have benefitted from this knowledge for more than 35 years. I can tell you that there is more opportunity in the future for those of us who are prepared. We will serve and, in return, we will prosper.

After all, small business always has been the backbone of the economy. Today about one in four, or 33,000,000, American adults are self-employed solo practitioners or microbusinesses (with nine or less employees). There are millions of other small businesses that employ ten or more people. In fact, all told, professional practices and small businesses employ the majority of the workforce. They create most of the new jobs. And they are responsible for the majority of the private gross domestic product (GDP).

Economic forecasts predict that corporate downsizing, the desire for independence and other factors will cause the number of self-employed people to increase by as much as 50% over the next three years.

However, there is bad news affecting practices and businesses like yours. Here it is.

Forty percent of all starting a practice or business will fail in their first year. And of the one million people start a new practice or business each year, 80% of them will be out of business within five years. 95% of them will close their doors within 10 years.

That means 19 out of 20 fail within the first 10 years of starting a business or practice. Did you realize that? All other things being equal, the increasing numbers of people becoming self-employed in the next few years only will mean increasing numbers of failures.

Guess what the reason is for all these failures? Overwhelmingly, the research says the number one cause of these failures is “management incompetence.” In plain English, folks don’t know how to grow their practices and businesses. If they don’t learn how, 95% of all of them will eventually fail.

Will you be the one out of twenty that survives? We are here to help you do so. And we are here to help you do much, much more, too.

Our Mission and How it Serves You

Since 1983, we have helped people like you to overcome the daunting odds against business survival, and to thrive.

Moreover, we help you to do your life purpose through your own practice or business. As is described more fully in other parts of the web site, we provide an exceptional synthesis of marketing with other rare, success-building strategies. And they work, as evidenced by more than 35 years of results they have created for our clients.

We always have operated as a small, boutique firm. We always have focused on equipping only a select number of clients, taking them through our proprietary planning processes, then actively working with them to execute our strategies successfully.

Then I had an epiphany. It occurred after 18 years of helping our select clientele to do their life purpose and prosper. It happened on September 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center towers fell in New York. That day, it became blindingly obvious to me that any small group armed with an effective strategy could use today’s technologies to dramatically impact the world.

In an instant, I recalled the words of world-renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Suddenly I realized it was time to find a way to share our superior expertise and experience with a much greater number of vision- and values-driven experts, professionals and entrepreneurs. In this way, more of them would become the one out of 20 that avoid failure. And it would maximize the contribution all of us make during the rest of our lives.

Thus was born the idea for the mentoring programs described in this web site.

Here is a summary of our mission. To help transform the planet, our mission is to offer the most powerful synthesis anywhere of marketing and other success strategies from wisdom traditions around the world. We want to equip conscious beings like you, so you can succeed with your calling. We give special attention to those people who strive to grow into preeminent leadership in their profession or industry.

We deliver these unequalled resources to you through our mentoring programs. They are available in a variety of innovative, multi media, interactive formats. Some formats are available to you now, and others are in development for release in the future.

Some of our mentoring formats are highly-interactive. They serve experts, professionals and entrepreneurs who are the most committed to succeeding with their mission or calling. Because of the amount of time I must invest in running these programs, applicants must be highly-qualified. Only a limited number who apply each year are selected.

Other mentoring formats are less interactive. These information programs and products also focus on providing our unique synthesis of marketing and the other rare, success-building strategies. And they deliver our distinctive synthesis of the knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes you seek to succeed at a lower price with greater availability to you.

Mentoring clients have access to me, my team of world-class mentors, and my personal Rolodex of relationships, all of whom offer expertise in dozens and dozens of critical areas including key aspects of leading-edge marketing, business, leadership, finance, law, operations, and spirituality.

I want to share a secret with you. Do you recall what I taught you in other sections of this web site about the matchless power of strategy to leverage results? Well, what I have just described to you in the above paragraphs is my strategy for this business. It is a “trim-tab” strategy, a high-leverage approach first described by 20th century philosopher, inventor and cosmologist Buckminister Fuller.

I learned this strategy at a philanthropy conference a few years ago from Duane Elgin, a well-known futurist who also is my friend and colleague. “Trim-tab” is a term that comes from ship building. Here is an elementary description of how a trim-tab works. In order to steer, very large ships have a rudder shaped like a right triangle. The tip of the rudder is a small, triangular, hinged section, called a trim-tab. In order to turn a large ship quickly, the captain turns the small, triangular trim-tab. Once it turns, it causes the entire rudder to shift quickly. As a result, the entire ship turns much more quickly in the sea.

My team and I are equipping a specific niche of experts, professionals and entrepreneurs who have a mission or calling through our mentoring programs so they can succeed in a very big way. If the right strategies are executed successfully, their influence will create a ripple effect that will have a disproportionately huge, world-transforming impact on the planet.

This is the high-leverage, trim-tab strategy to implement our mission, and to create a legacy. It’s what is behind our slogan, “” Changing the whole world, one client’s success at a time.”

If our vision and mission is aligned with yours, I invite you to join us. We will help you do what you were born to do successfully.

Founder John Eggen and His Lifelong Quest

You have seen what others say about the benefits they have received from my work, if you have read client comments posted on this web site.

Now I want to give you a better idea of what I am really about, so you can understand why and how my team and I want to help you.

My life purpose is to gain wisdom, synthesize it, and teach the synthesis to others. I want you to know I have devoted my entire adult life to synthesizing spiritual wisdom teachings from around the world with leadership, innovation, business and marketing strategies.

This firm is my vehicle to express my life purpose into the world, in order to help planetary leaders (and those in the process of becoming planetary leaders) like you to succeed with your mission. Just as I have learned how to create a firm to do my life purpose successfully, our mentoring can help you transform your practice and business into a vehicle to express your purpose in life successfully.

Let me assure you that I am a very pragmatic person, if this sounds too “far-out” for you.

You see, since I was four years old, I have been self-employed. That’s a fact. As a child, I earned my own money to buy most of my own clothes and toys. And my own businesses paid my way through college and graduate school–although I did win a scholarship that paid college tuition, and I won a teaching assistantship that paid for a nice percentage of graduate school.

At the age of 20, I had a profound spiritual experience that totally changed me. I made a lifelong commitment to the spiritual path. For example, I have meditated almost every day for more than 33 years. I could elaborate on all of this for pages. If you are interested, ask me about it in person sometime.

Since then, my lifelong quest has been to synthesize spirituality with business. I have invested a small fortune of my money and time in this quest. I have taken years off at a time–more than once–and devoted the entire time to this quest.

I have discovered wisdom strategies from around the world that can leverage marketing and business in a way that very few know. The synthesis of these strategies has created an incredible lifestyle for me and my clients.

To help you create your ideal lifestyle, too, I reveal a synthesis of the strategies in our mentoring. As I continue to discover more secrets, I will share them with you through our mentoring programs, E-newsletter, and other information products.

While in my 20s, I built a very successful nutritional supplement business while I was in college and graduate school. At age 28, I was able to sell the business for more money than I ever expected.

So I joined a prestigious Wall Street investment banking firm, and ended up becoming an award-winning financial advisor. I specialized in investment strategies for very successful professionals and entrepreneurs, a know-how that has benefitted me, my firm and our clients over the years in many ways.

For example, here is an amazing discovery I made from which you can benefit greatly. Did you know that, for a self-employed professional or business owner like you, the ultimate financial leverage is in your own business–not in outside investments?

Do you realize there are countless ways for you to get 100% annualized return on your money in your own business, with virtually no risk? You can do it year after year after year.

How? Mostly through marketing strategies. Let me give you a simple example. Not too long ago I wrote a classified ad for a client. It cost $185 to place. It generated leads resulting in $365,000 in business. That’s a 197,200% return on investment. Many people have run little ads like this with no results. By applying time-tested marketing formulae like those we offer in the mentoring programs, we got much better than a 100% return. And our risk? It was limited to the $185 test.

This high level of return is impossible to get through outside investments on a consistent basis. Yet you can get these kinds of mega-returns day in and day out in your own practice or business, once you learn how.

That realization was one of main the reasons I decided to leave Wall Street and start a mentoring firm for people like you. Today, our mentoring programs teach you these strategies.

In 1983, I started John Eggen and Associates, the firm that has grown into The Mission Marketing Mentors. For over 35 years I joint-ventured with a select number of spiritually- and socially-conscious professionals, experts and entrepreneurs in order to grow their businesses and practices. You can read about some of our accomplishments in the client comments posted throughout this web site.

My accomplishments with authors and small publishers is becoming increasingly important. I’ve helped my clients create and successfully market more than 1,000 books and high-priced information products and programs. You can read about some of these accomplishments elsewhere on the web site, too.

This information publishing and marketing expertise can help you if you want to turn your expertise into a line of information products, to reach an exponentially greater number of people with your life-transforming message. There are more than 80 different information products and programs you can develop. And each one is a long-term stream of income for you, too.

Over the years my style has been for my firm to work behind the scenes. It’s probably because I am a quiet and somewhat shy person. Our pattern has been to help our clients to grow very successful practices and businesses and to let them stand in the limelight. We are the power behind the throne.

Nevertheless, I have spoken all across the United States, Canada and Europe. Because my expertise is pretty distinctive, I have received many invitations.  Additionally, my work has been featured in a variety of top publications.

Academically, I have done Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. level work. I have a B.A., Magna Cum Laude, from the State University of New York at Buffalo. My undergraduate program was a special one in which I studied 5,000 years of recorded history indepth.

Essentially, the 5,000 year historical perspective I gained is how I see life today. It allows me to see trends shaping the present and future that escape most professionals and entrepreneurs. My understanding of these trends has allowed me to make predictions that have benefitted my clients tremendously.

In my Master’s degree program I specialized in the Communication of Innovations. This is the study of new ideas and practices, and how they end up transforming professions, industries and cultures tomorrow. My 5,000-year historical perspective gives me an advantage in understanding this process.

Bottom line: my clients have benefitted greatly from my ability to forecast appropriate timing for innovations. When it comes to innovations, timing is everything. History records how, if you release an innovation too early, you either go broke or you get burned at the stake. If you launch them with appropriate timing, you will transform civilization and never have to think about money again.

Through our mentoring programs, you will learn much more about this important topic.

Because of our mission and my lifelong quest, I am a lifelong learner. Thanks to my financial independence, I spend a lot of time continuing to learn. I may be Amazon.com’s best customer!

I have attended postgraduate classes in the doctoral program in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. And I took a three-year sabbatical not too long ago, during which I attended the doctoral program in Global Spirituality at Sancta Sophia Seminary.

Now you know a little about my lifelong quest, and about the mission behind the mentoring programs we have created for you. If you would like more information on our mentoring, click here. And if you would like more information on the very distinctive ways in which we work, click here.

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