How We Work: Six Compelling Advantages for You

If you want to make a real difference in the world, then you need to attract a steady stream of clients with whom you can work. And you need to earn enough income to live the way you want to live, as well as to take enough time off to rejuvenate regularly.

Also, you need enough money to reinvest in yourself and your business every quarter, and to evolve your strategies, systems and business model until you have achieved your dream.

To help you accomplish these objectives, here are six advantages we provide you. They are based on our more than 40 years of experience in meeting the unique needs of professionals, experts and entrepreneurs like you.

Because of our mission and my lifelong quest, our work is clearly distinguished from all other marketing resources available. As you read the six advantages, you will begin to discover why and how that is true.

First, We Teach You the Two Biggest
Secrets to Business Success

If you could learn two secrets that would guarantee your success, and would maintain it year after year for the rest of your life, what would that mean for you and your mission or calling? What if all of us who are spiritually- and socially-conscious experts, professionals and entrepreneurs were equipped with that knowledge–can you imagine how it would improve our lives and accelerate transformation of the planet?

The good news is that it’s possible. And it’s our mission to help make it happen. That’s why we focus on teaching you the two big secrets. They were first brought to light by world-renowned management guru Peter Drucker. He said there are only two factors that create value and profitability in any enterprise: innovation and marketing. (He went on to say that everything else is just an expense.) There is profound wisdom and power in that concept that very few comprehend.

Our programs teach everything you need to know about innovation and marketing to manifest your purpose successfully and profitably. It is not an exaggeration to say that, once you have learned these two secrets, you will have the keys to effective service and complete affluence for the rest of your life.

Consider this. Surveys reveal change is the biggest challenge facing most people today. Jobs are changing. Lives are changing. In every field of endeavor, most everyone is seeking ways to deal with the explosive rate of change. And, frankly, most people are quite confused.

But massive change is creating enormous opportunities for aware people like you to serve–and prosper. “Crisis equals opportunity,” according to a concept we teach that comes from Mandarin Chinese. In every field today, inspired experts, professionals and entrepreneurs are innovating and creating solutions to today’s dilemmas. Look into it as deeply as we have, and you will find that, on a personal level, most of these inspired people happen to be devoted students of spiritual and personal growth. Did you know that?

However, innovation is not enough. Many innovators fail, as any study of history will prove to you.

The leaders today have mastered both innovation and marketing, allowing them to really reach and help great numbers of clients and the world as a whole. An example is my friend and client, Mark Victor Hansen. Today he is America’s leading expert on human potential, and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series that has sold more than 500 million copies. But not that many years ago, he was bankrupt and broke. It was only after he became a devoted student of innovation and marketing that he was able rise to preeminence.

In other words, there is an extraordinary group of leaders today serving the billions on this planet who are trying to cope with never-ending change. They are value creators, and they actually thrive on change. Masters of innovation and marketing, they are planetary leaders. And they exist in every field of endeavor today.

In return for their service, they are earning good karma and all the money they want.

My team and I are here to help you become a member of this important group. Are you interested?

Second, We Teach You a Mindset for Mastery

To master innovation and marketing, you need a certain mindset. Over the past 35 years of client work, I have discovered that 99% of all experts, professionals and entrepreneurs suffer from “tunnel vision” in how they operate and grow their practice or business. Instead of looking outside their profession or industry to find what works best, they use the same marketing programs that their colleagues do. Therefore, they get about the same results that their colleagues do.

Albert Einstein once said, “The current problems we
face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking
with which they were created.”

My entire team and I have worked with hundreds of professions and industries over the past 35 years. And I have spent a small fortune of my own money and time to sit at the feet of dozens of the world’s greatest business geniuses , as well as many of the finest spiritual and personal growth teachers.

I am a great synthesizer of knowledge. Over the years my greatest passion has been to identify the strategies that made the cream of the crop successful, and integrate them into programs that work for people like you.

When you take advantage of our programs, we teach you a cross-disciplinary synthesis of time-tested strategies from the hundreds of professions and industries with whom my team and I have worked. We teach you how to “think outside the box,” and apply these strategies to get results that will distinguish you from all others in your field.

If you apply what we teach you correctly, it works. It will benefit your clients, the planet and your pocketbook. For example, self-employed professionals and experts we have mentored have increased their average initial earnings from a new client by as much as 10 times in just a few months. Other experts and independent professionals we have helped have increased their annual revenues by as much as 1000% in just three years.

I have mentored entrepreneurial clients to earn as much as $2,596,712 in three months from a new project, $781,015 in five weeks, and $290,110 in a matter of hours. The various client comments posted on this web site will tell you more about results they’ve gotten.

The good news is, you can get results like these, too. Would you like that?

Third, We Teach You the Fastest and
Easiest Way to Transform Your Results

You can revolutionize results most quickly and easily by changing strategy. Strategy is basically your overall plan for achieving a goal or result. It is the “why” and the “what” in your practice or business.

Here is an analogy. If you wanted to travel from San Francisco to New York, you could choose to drive a car or take a plane. These two alternatives represent two different strategies. If you decided to take a plane, it would get you to your goal much faster and at much lower cost than driving a car for 3000 miles.

Similarly, a change in marketing strategy can produce exponentially greater results, at costs that are no more than–and often, dramatically less than–your previous strategy. Without a change in strategy, the most you can get are small, incremental gains. In fact, my experience is that, without strategic changes, often what you end up with is wasted effort, wasted money and lost opportunities.

This is totally unknown to 99% of professional practices and businesses, from my experience. They operate tactically, not strategically. They run and market themselves in the ways everyone else does in their profession or industry. To analogize, they invest their time deciding whether they will drive cross-country in a Chevy or a Ford, rather than discovering the advantages of flying.

Our mentoring focuses on practical, doable strategies you can apply, because our experience is with professional practices and small businesses like yours. Once you begin applying these strategies, they can set you apart from the run-of-the-mill results experienced by your colleagues, and produce geometric gains for you.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I was contacted by a couple who are well-known experts, authors and speakers. They have a wonderful mission, and asked for my help to develop a best-selling book and market it effectively to attract clients. After discussing their mission and goals, I led them through a transformational process. It resulted in a much better strategy than the conventional approach in their industry, which is to write a book.

The strategy is to turn their wisdom into a system to spin off 39 different types of information products and programs (including a book). Compared to writing another book, this strategy will allow their wisdom to reach many more people, do it more quickly, and do it at a lower cost. Additionally, this strategy creates the potential for 39 streams of income for my clients instead of just one.

Imagine the benefits of all of that for their mission!

This is an example of what a change in strategy can do for you. It’s intriguing, isn’t it?

Fourth, We Teach You Rare,
High-Leverage Strategies

The ancient Greek sage Archimedes (c. 287-212 B.C.) first defined leverage. He said, “Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I will move the entire Earth.” If enough spiritually- and socially-conscious experts, professionals and entrepreneurs learn our special strategies, we will “move the entire Earth.”

Leverage is using a small amount of time, money and effort to get big results. High leverage strategies like the ones we teach allow you to maximize your results while minimizing your time, money, and effort. And, your risk is virtually eliminated, because we teach you to test.

For instance, one high-leverage strategy we teach can eliminate failure. Twentieth-century quality guru W. Edwards Deming validated that 94% of failures are not due to people themselves, but are due to people not following a tested system. Did you know that? So our mentoring offers time-tested systems.

The most efficient path to success is to learn a mentor’s system and apply it. Our programs are based on marketing, business and spiritual systems that we and others have tested for many years, and that have produced billions (that’s billions with a “b”) of dollars in revenues for professional practices and businesses like yours. Once you are using a tested system, it almost guarantees you will succeed.

And we teach you other rare and powerful strategies. Because of our mission and my lifelong quest, over the years I have synthesized high-leverage business and marketing strategies with powerful spiritual and metaphysical strategies. In my quest, I have discovered systems that are well-tested and highly-respected by the sages of various cultures, but that are virtually unknown or even disparaged by opinion leaders of other cultures.

There are global wisdom strategies that produce jaw-dropping results when combined with appropriate marketing and business strategies. I was going to give you an example or two here, but my web site designer cautioned me about doing it. He said most readers wouldn’t believe it. (This is really what he said.) But if you ask me one-to-one, I can share some pretty amazing stories with you.

The use of special strategies can produce dramatic results for you.

Fifth, What We Teach You
Creates Lifelong Affluence

You can benefit right now from a lesson it’s taken me 20 years to learn. That is, that no matter what kind of expert, professional or entrepreneur you are, you cannot delegate your marketing and innovation to outside advisors. If you want to succeed, you must learn the primary strategies yourself. They must become instilled in your consciousness, as part of your “software.”

Why? Because innovation and marketing are the heart of any enterprise. They are too crucial to your success for you to delegate to someone else. However, once you have learned the key strategies, then you can delegate the execution of them to others. And then you will be able to evaluate the adequacy of others’ work for you, too.

Our mentoring is quite different than typical consulting. Typically, consultants and advisors focus only on giving you an answer to your immediate needs. Our mentoring focuses on answering your immediate needs, as well as training and developing you to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits you need to innovate and market successfully for the rest of your life.

A Chinese proverb says it well. “Give a person a
fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to
fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Here’s an example of the dramatic difference this approach can make.

I helped one of my clients to build four different practices and businesses. A very spiritual man, he was an avid learner. And he became quite adept at innovation and marketing. His last business was an innovative natural products manufacturer with excellent marketing. It was acquired for a large sum.

He was able to retire at age 45. He will never need to work again. He and his lovely wife live an international lifestyle, devoting themselves in a more leisurely way to projects that reflect their vision and values.

You, too, will get the keys to lifelong contribution and affluence through our mentoring programs, too. Are you open to that?

Sixth, You Get Lifetime Support
From Our World-Class Firm

You need to understand my intention for this work in order to really understand the advantages we offer you.

My life purpose is to gain wisdom, synthesize it, and teach the synthesis to others. I have devoted my entire adult life to synthesizing spiritual wisdom teachings from around the planet with leadership, innovation, business and marketing.

My business is a vehicle to express my life purpose into the world. And our select group of clients have benefitted massively from my one-of-a-kind synthesis for more than 35 years. In return, they have paid me handsomely. For example, I have earned as much as $259,010 in two weeks from client work. And I’ve earned as much as $35,224 from one 90 minute talk.

However, I had an epiphany after 18 years of successful consulting work. It occurred on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center towers fell. That day it became obvious that any small group armed with effective strategies could use today’s technologies to dramatically impact the world. I recalled the words of world-renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Suddenly I realized we can and should do exactly that–you, me, and people like us working together. I realized it was time for me to find a way to take my work to a higher level, to share the expertise and experience my team and I have with a much greater number of vision- and values-driven experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs, to maximize the contribution they–we–make during our the rest of our lives.

I took a year off to think more about this realization.

During my year off, I spoke with friends and clients Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen–two world-famous authors and experts–about my idea. They strongly encouraged me, pointing out that my 20-year track record of actual, hands-on work to grow spiritually- and socially-conscious professional practices and businesses is incomparable.

They felt it would provide a one-of-a-kind mentoring opportunity for conscious people who really want to succeed. And they offered to refer their most serious students to me.

Also, I received a “thumbs up” from Robert Kiyosaki–another internationally-known entrepreneurial and financial mentor–when I spent the afternoon with him in his home town of Scottsdale, Arizona.

During my year off, I made a decision.

I decided to begin evangelizing the message you are reading in this web site. I decided to develop mentoring programs that would give people like you the sum total of my prodigious experience, knowledge, skills, contacts, etc., and that would equip you and people like you to fulfill your dreams, to make the money you need, and to become the world-transforming leader you were born to be.

And I decided to put together mentoring programs that would allow me to do this for you at a fraction of the price my consulting clients have happily paid for more than 35 years. Mentoring programs are available in a variety of innovative, multi media, interactive formats. Some formats are available to you now, and others are in development for release in the future.

Some of our mentoring formats are highly-interactive. They serve experts, professionals and entrepreneurs who are the most committed to succeeding with their mission or calling. Because of the amount of time I must invest in running these programs, applicants must be highly qualified. Only a limited number who apply each year are selected.

Other mentoring formats are less interactive. These information programs and products also focus on providing our unique synthesis of marketing and the other rare success-building strategies. And they deliver our distinctive synthesis of the knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes you seek to succeed at a lower price with greater availability to you.

When you get involved with our mentoring, everything you receive reflects my intention. You get an unparalleled synthesis of high-leverage marketing, innovation, publishing, business, leadership and spiritual strategies. You get the knowledge and tools that have created superb, sizeable results for my clients for over 35 years.

And your mentoring will be backed by our mission-motivated, ever-evolving firm. This includes my team of experts, my rolodex of industry-insider contacts, our community of like-minded clients and friends, and our lifelong support.

At this point, you may be skeptical. You may wonder if results like this can be produced. What kinds of experts, professionals and entrepreneurs have we done it for? Click here to see examples of a wide variety of projects we have done, and the actual results that were created.

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