Mentoring Programs: the Fastest and Easiest Way to Reach Your Goal

Would you like to avoid 94% of all failures? According to the research of internationally-famous quality guru Dr. W. Edwards Deming, 94% of all failures occur when a person is not following a tested system.

Using time-tested systems can give you tremendous leverage in your business or practice. Therefore, a wise approach to optimizing your professional practice or business is to locate successful systems and apply them.

The fastest and easiest path to your goal is to learn a mentor’s systems and apply them. That’s why our mentoring programs provide you with time-tested strategies and systems, and show you how to test them for yourself, refining the process until you succeed.

For decades, our mentoring programs have created real results for experts, professionals and entrepreneurs like you. They can work for you, too.

Five Reasons Why Our Mentoring Should Be Your Next Step

You receive unsurpassed advantages with our mentoring programs, because of our mission and lifelong quest.

First of all, you will learn the two biggest secrets to business success: innovation and marketing. As world-renowned management guru Peter Drucker first revealed, innovation and marketing are the only two factors that create value and profitability. Everything else is just an expense.

Our mentoring teaches you the necessary mindset to take advantage of Peter Drucker’s revelation. This mindset will liberate you from the marketing myopia that plagues most practices and businesses, in my experience. Once you learn to “think outside the box,” you will get results that will distinguish you from all others in your field. No longer will you have competition.

And you will learn the simplest way to revolutionize results in your practice or business. It is to change strategy. In my experience, 99% of practices and businesses operate tactically, not strategically. So our mentoring programs teach you an unmatched synthesis of marketing and related innovation, business, leadership, and spiritual strategies and systems. For more than 35 years, our unsurpassed synthesis has been taking practices and businesses like yours to a whole new level of service and success.

Moreover, you will get more than just consulting to solve your immediate problems. Our mentoring also strives to develop you, so you will be able to apply our strategies for the rest of your life, to accomplish your mission and live in affluence.

Last but not least, our programs are backed by our mission-motivated firm, with its team of experts, my rolodex of industry-insider contacts, our community of like-minded clients and friends, and our ever-evolving, lifelong support.

How You Can Get All These Benefits to Transform Your Life and Your Business

At this point, you have discovered some of the one-of-a-kind benefits we offer professionals, experts and entrepreneurs like you. To meet different needs, we offer a variety of mentoring programs.

Some of our mentoring formats are highly interactive. The three most popular programs are described below.

They serve experts, professionals and entrepreneurs who are very committed to succeeding with their mission or calling. Because of the amount of time I must invest in running these programs, applicants must be qualified.

Only a limited number of openings exist each year.

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