How to Create a Book that Attracts New Clients and Generates Multiple Income Streams

Do you want to boost your credibility instantly and attract new clients automatically by authoring a book? Or, would you like to leverage your expertise into as many as 83 information products to impact the world with your knowledge and generate multiple streams of income?

Either way, you are in the right place.

For more than 40 years, my team and I have helped experts, entrepreneurs and independent professionals like you to successfully publish and market thousands of books and high-priced information products around the world.

Our clients range from world-famous authorities (whose testimonials you will see on various pages of this Web site) to many independent professionals known only to their clientele.

Unlike any other program in the world today, The Leading Mentors Publishing and Marketing Programâ„¢ is designed as a streamlined, time-saving, 6-month transformational experience for you and your business, based on a successful track record that spans more than 40 years.

The program is produced by Mission Publishing Services, a division of The Mission Marketing Mentors, Inc. We serve independent professionals and experts who are ready to become recognized experts in their field.

Learn strategies and secrets you can use to attract all the clients you want, increase your income significantly, and take your business to a whole new level of profitability and service to the planet.

“I applied secrets I learned from John’s program and, in just the first four months, booked an extra $48,000 in fees to me. That’s more than a 900% return in only four months on the $5,000 cost I paid. And that’s just the start of what I received.

After beginning to apply what I learned, now I have more client inquiries for all my coaching programs than I can handle. Imagine the financial return I can get by using John’s little-known client attraction methods year after year in the future. There is much more I could say. I am applying for his next program.”

Kathleen Holland
International Mentor and Life Coach

You, too, can get these kinds of results by learning and applying the time-tested, step-by-step publishing and marketing systems I teach my clients and members.

Make the money you want and cut years off your publishing and marketing learning curve by avoiding the biggest mistakes most authors make.

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